Lithium Battery Usage And Life Extension Method

- May 29, 2018-

Lithium battery usage and life extension method

Lithium batteries are collectively referred to as "Li-polymer batteries" (also referred to as polymer lithium batteries) and are generally referred to as lithium batteries. Lithium polymer batteries are a new type of battery with many obvious advantages such as high energy density, smaller size, ultra-thin, light weight, high safety, and low cost. In terms of shape, the lithium polymer battery has the characteristics of ultra-thin, and can be used to meet the needs of various products. It can be made into batteries of any shape and capacity. The external packaging is aluminum-plastic packaging, which is different from the liquid metal lithium metal casing, and the internal quality risks It can be displayed immediately by deformation of the outer package, such as bulging.

The use of the battery must adhere to six "no", the correct method of use is the best way to extend battery life.

1, but charge

2, but put

3, dissatisfied with electricity

4, does not damage the skin

5, no short circuit

6, not cool

At present, there are many brands and types of lithium batteries, and it is necessary to select matching batteries according to their own power needs so as to ensure the smooth operation of various power components. Do not buy cheap three batteries, do not buy batteries to do their own batteries, not to modify the battery. If the battery is bulging, broken, or insufficiently charged, please stop using it.

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