100% Original ICR18650 28A 2800mah 3.7v Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery For E-cigs

100% Original ICR18650 28A 2800mah 3.7v Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery For E-cigs

Hot 18650 Meng battery Rechargeable Lithium ion for e-bike ,cigs,flashlight Company Website: www.mengbattery.com Whatsapp: +8618379193578 Products Feature: 1.100% original with high quality 2.Green safety and protect environment 3.Long cycle life time and high capacity 4. Excellent storage...

Product Details

100% Original ICR18650 28A  2800mah 3.7v Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery For e-cigs

Company Website:www.mengbattery.com



Products Feature:

            1.100% original with high quality     

               2.Green safety and protect environment

               3.Long cycle life time and high capacity

               4.Excellent storage performance and low self-discharge

               5.Short circuit testing passed

               6.No memory effect cell phone battery

               7.Beauty appearance with special design

               8.OEM battery pack, LG, Sanyo, Samsung battery can export






Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity



thickness × width × length (mm)

T18*H18*L65mm (with PCM)


· High energy density

· Safety and reliable(with PCM)

· Long cycle life

· Never explosion,stable performance,environment friendly

· capacity and size could be customized

Max charge current


Charging method

then charge with constant voltage 4.2v, till charge current less than 0.01C

Max discharge current


Discharge cut-off voltage

the over-discharge detection voltage of PCM

Operating environment

Charging, 0°C ~ 45°C ; 65±20%RH 

Discharging, -20°C~60°C ; 65±20%RH

Storage environment



storage for a long time(>3 months) and

the storage condition shall be:<35°C;65±20%RH;

CycleLife(80% Prime Capacity) :


Charging Attention

Charging current and charging voltage should be less than

specified in the Product Specification.

The charger shall be designed to comply with Specification.

It is dangerous that charging with higher current or voltage

than Product Specification may cause damage to the cell

electrical,mechanical safety performance.



The Li-ion battery using in many things. Like e-cigs, e-bikes, baby swing car, phone, digital camera, laptop , flashlight and so on.


Company Website:www.mengbattery.com


If the 100% original icr18650 28a 2800mah 3.7v lithium ion rechargeable battery for e-cigs caters to your requirement, welcome to buy the best quality and eco-friendly battery with our professional manufacturers and suppliers. And we also welcome the customized orders. Please be free to contact our company.
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